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6 Albums & 23 Songs I LOVE from 2023 (so far)

It's pretty wild that 2023 is halfway over already! There's so much good music out, and I can't wait to hear what the rest of the year will bring.

Here's a playlist to go along with this list, but please remember to purchase music from artists to support their work:


Top 6 Albums (they're all tied, can't rank)

feeble little horse - Girl with Fish

Release Date: June 9, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks

Tin Man



Hana Stretton - Soon

Release Date: Jan. 24, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks

Changing Weather

Can I

Bid's Animals

Mandaworld - For Emotional Use Only

Release Date: March 10, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks

we are one and this is forever




Release Date: April 30, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks




Ulrika Spacek - Compact Trauma

Release Date: March 10, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks

Accidental Momentary Blur

It Will Come Sometime

Stuck at the Door

Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed

Release Date: May 26, 2023

Link to Purchase:

Favorite Tracks


True Life

Remember Not My Name


There are also a ton of EPs and singles I love from this year. 23 of those are represented below (also in alphabetical order).

23 Songs I Like from Different Artists/Bands

  1. Angel Olson - "Nothing's Free"

  2. Antibroth - "Unkind"

  3. Biig Piig - "Picking Up" (feat. Deb Never)

  4. Blake Mills - "There Is No Now"

  5. Bully - "Lose You" (feat. Soccer Mommy)

  6. The Burroughs - "New Walk"

  7. Carmine Francis - "Clarity"

  8. Caroline Rose - "Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain"

  9. Crumb - "Dust Bunny"

  10. Dandelion - "The Trial"

  11. Deeper - "Build a Bridge"

  12. Deerhoof - "The Poignant Melody"

  13. Faye Webster - "But Not Kiss"

  14. gueersh - "Corta/Quebra"

  15. Jewel House - "Where"

  16. Lê Almeida - "Clarões de Onça"

  17. Mother Tongues - "A Heart Beating"

  18. Oruã - "Me Acontece"

  19. Paulo's Flood - "Rabbit Hole"

  20. The Salesmen - "Commodify"

  21. shadowrabbit - "siblings..."

  22. Tori - "Dies irae"

  23. Yaeji - "For Granted"

Listen and let me know your faves! Also, tell me what you've been loving in 2023.

This list is particularly short, so to check out everything I love from the year so far, head to this playlist:

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